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Meet Anders Frejdh

Interim Consultant and Talent Agent, Anders Frejdh manages an international array of talent including the second actor to play James Bond on the big screen, George Lazenby.

Anders Frejdh and George Lazenby © Photo: Sascha Braun

Anders Frejdh and George Lazenby © Photo: Sascha Braun

Guiding his clients in all matters including licensing, sponsorship and personal appearances, Frejdh has assisted with events in Japan, London, Paris, Berlin, Solden, New York, Los Angeles, Oslo, Chicago, Quebec, Australia, Portugal and Switzerland.

Anders Frejdh was born in Sweden and educated in Gothenburg and London with degrees in Business Administration and Mechanical Engineering. Anders is fluent in Swedish, German and English. For the past two decades, Frejdh has worked in a wide range of corporate finance capacities specializing in high value start-ups and the entertainment industries.

Frejdh launched in 2004 which has grown into the world’s most comprehensive unofficial James Bond sites with over 6,700 pages of content covering both Ian Fleming’s 007’s literary and cinema heritage. Frejdh has subsequently been a key component in a number of 007 related projects. In 2014, he managed a charity James Bond film festival in Stockholm. In 2015, he helped organize a reunion of the cast of On Her Majesty’s Secret Service (OHMSS) in Piz Gloria, the Swiss setting for the finale. In 2017, Frejdh was instrumental in Mallorca Film Festival’s tribute to their late resident, veteran director Guy Hamilton, who helmed Goldfinger. In 2018, Frejdh was part of a special contingent selected to promote 007 Elements in Solden, Austria. In 2019, Frejdh is the official Artist Liaison for a gala event in Mürren, Switzerland celebrating the 50th anniversary of OHMSS. Frejdh also helps with product launches covering all aspects of film merchandise.

Anders Frejdh and Roger Moore © Photo: Personal Archive

Anders is often called upon by distributors Sony Sweden and SF Studios to represent the James Bond franchise in Scandinavia and worldwide, providing expert commentary on 007 related matters. He also acts as a consultant to the US registered charity, The Ian Fleming Foundation.

Based in Stockholm, Sweden. Talent travelling worldwide.