Irka Bochenko

Irka Bochenko


Irka Bochenko was born in Poland but moved to Paris with her family when she was 6. From the tender age of 3 Irka could be found singing at any opportunity and at age 14 she began writing her own songs and melodies; a skill that has never left her.

After completing her education, Irka began her career as a model in Paris, New York and Tokyo and was subsequently cast in a French film (Bilitis) and TV drama (L’inspecteur mène l’enquête) in 1977 and 1978. Around the same time, director Lewis Gilbert began casting for the 11th James Bond film, MOONRAKER. Following a successful audition, Irka secured the role of Blonde Beauty, one of Drax’s evil henchwomen – though admittedly they were all extremely attractive henchwomen – and tried to lead 007 to his death at the hands of a nasty snake and metal-teeth wielding bad guy Jaws.

As well as continuing to star in French TV dramas, Irka has carved out a very successful career as singer as well as composer and musician. Her voice is made up of contrasts like the woman she is as strong as it is fragile, passionate, and peaceful. Carrying the words from one music to another on various arrangements and rhythms: from ballads to rock, including blues, soul, reggae… Irka performs her own repertoire interwoven with French songs and international standards.

Irka Bochenko is available as a vocal performer and for celebrity appearances. She is based in Paris and represented by Anders Frejdh.

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